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Board Members

Chantale Dillon, President
Gérard Proulx, V-P/Treasurer
Donald Gratton, Director
Roger Sigouin, Director
Gaëtan Baillargeon, Director
Jessy Richard, Director

RGI Eligibility

You are eligible for a subsidied unit if:

  • Each member of your household is a Canadian citizen, or a landed immigrant, or a refugee claimant;
  • At least one member of your household is 16 years of age or older and is able to live independently with or without support services;
  • No member of your household owes rental arrears to any housing provider. (Includes market and/or rent-geared-to-income);
  • No deportation, departure or exclusion order has been made against any member of your household;
  • No member of your household has been convicted of an offence under Section 85 of the SHRA or a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada regarding rent-geared-to-income assistance, or found by the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal or a court of law to have misrepresented their income for the purpose of rent-geared-to-income.


  • If you own a permanent residence, you must sell the property within 6 months of moving into a subsidized unit;
  • If you are disabled, you must be able to live independently or arrange for your own support;
  • You must prove that your revenues do not allow you to pay maximum rent;
  • You must make a "reasonable effort" to get any income you may quality for, including:
        • Ontario Works
        • Old Age Security (OAS) or the Canada Pension (CPP)
        • Employment Insurance Benefits (EI)
        • Any other income that you may be intitled to

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